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Paskelbta 2024 Gegužės 30d., 05:33

Join our team at BM-Tech: Where engineering excellence meets innovation

Are you ready to shape the future of engineering?

Your role:

As a dynamic member of our team, you'll be pivotal in:

  • Innovating integration: Spearheaded the commissioning of cutting-edge machines, seamlessly integrating them into the existing technical frameworks.
  • Optimizing automation: Monitor and refine automation processes during initial operations, ensuring peak performance and functionality.
  • Quality assurance: Conduct thorough acceptance tests and spearhead corrective measures to maintain our high standards.
  • Documentation mastery: Craft detailed checklists, conduct equipment tests, and meticulously prepare error logs to uphold our commitment to precision.
  • Technical adaptation: Adjust wiring diagrams on-site to align with evolving technical requirements.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure all projects adhere strictly to relevant standards, regulations, and quality guidelines, safeguarding both our integrity and our innovations


Įmonė: BM-Tech GmbH
Darbo vieta: Germany
Atlyginimas: 3333 - 5000 €/mėn.
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Skelbimo statistika Parodytas: 256 k.
Peržiūrėtas: 13 k.